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Pup Rascal

Rascal has two sides to him, there is the boy and then behind the boy there is the pup. Both are very similar, they are both cheeky and playful but they come out at different times. 

The Boy

I am just a guy who is exploring the wonderful world of kink and has been lucky enough to have found some wonderful people to share the journey with. I am cheeky, playful, considerate, hard working and honest. I love FemDom in all forms, I am fan of female supremacy and in particular I love filming and creating hot content.

Toy, pup, hedonist, rope bunny, rigger and of course submissive, I tend to identify as a submissive boy. Yep I can be all of those things depending on the dynamic and event.

When I play it has to be fun, I will never be a doormat, I will always try to find a loop hole in your rules, I will be playful, I will be cheeky........but I WILL always be respectful.

I love a power exchange, I like being made to feel vulnerable and out of control.
I will quickly turn into a shy, cheeky and affectionate boy. I prefer the gentle side to FemDom such as being referred to as a ‘good boy’ or something affectionate rather than a slut...........depending on context.

Travel, music, cooking, carpentry, cars, skiing, running, dogs, seeing friends, helping others and debates.

Rudeness, poor table manners, poor grammar, back stabbing.

The Pup

I am the House Puppy for Club Pedestal, I love to introduce people to puppy play.  

When I am in pup mode I go deep into puppy headspace, I forget everything and focus purely on what I am doing as a puppy. My pup behavior is pretty unique and realistic, I behave almost the same as any puppy would, so don't tell me off if you were not watching and I chewed up your plants. 

Being a pup is what you make of it, there is no set definition of what a pup should be or how they behave, I have just carved my own style. 

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