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Rascal and Rope

My philosophy is that rope should be fun, if you're not having fun then why are you doing it? 

Much like any toy in the scene, rope it is a tool that can be used to generate a variety of experiences and sensations from pleasure to pain or fun and aggression. There are many reasons why you might take an interest in rope, maybe you might like to play on the power exchange and vulnerability that rope can offer.  

Rope is a very connective and powerful form of bondage; it can be applied quickly and aggressively to exaggerate the power dynamic and leave your bunny in a sweet state of sub space. Equally rope can be laid in a much slower and deliberate manner creating very different but incredibly sensual experience. 

What people say

Miss Wildfire

"As a Dominatrix, I am constantly looking to develop new and more elaborate skills. Recently I decided to expand my professional repertoire to more intricate rope bondage and shibari. While looking for a tutor, I came across Rope Rascal - and was very pleased I did. He turned out to be both skillful and knowledgeable, and with his guidance, I was able to improve my rope skills quickly and efficiently. Both his approach and technique are excellent, and made learning rope seamless and easy. He's confident, calm and patient which is a great combination for such a complex subject as advanced rope skills. I'd highly recommend him"

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The Siren

"So far I have had an introductory session with Rascal, where he covered the basic knots and rope safety. The session was informative, fun and light hearted. I’m very much looking forward to getting into more depth with Rascal, he is an excellent teacher and leaves plenty of time for hands on practice with feedback"

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Empress Akari

"A very personable pup who's teaching skills are outstanding.


His expertise combines professionalism with a fun & relaxed atmosphere which equals great results.


I would definitely recommend Rascal for anyone from a beginner to those who have some knowledge and skills and wants to learn more. "

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Rascal's Workshops
Professional Dominant
(Rope in the Dungeon)

Rascal will tailor his workshop for the needs of the professional. You typically only have one hour with your client so how can you incorporate rope? Rascal will show you how you can use rope as only tool in your armoury whether it is to generate pain or a sensual experience, rope can add a different dimension. 


£40 per hour

Plus expenses if you would like him to travel



Would you like to spice things up in the bedroom with a simple piece of rope? Rascal will teach you how to use rope to develop a connective, loving and tactile scene, or maybe you want to restrain your other half safely to gain access to all of the right areas.


£40 per hour

Plus expenses if you would like him to travel



Rascal offers workshops for small groups (4 - 6), these often make it less costly for the individual.  Why not not do something different one evening and book Rascal to teach you some new skills.  

Maybe you want to do it with  group of friends or have some fun as part of a girls/ lads night in. 


£15 per person per hour

Plus expenses if you would like him to travel

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