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Rascal On Puppy Play - A Handler's Guide to Training

Having gained a significant amount of puppy play experience, I would like to share my thoughts and observations. Firstly, I believe puppy play can be anything that you make it, in my opinion there are no rules to the game, and each pup, handler and dynamic will be different. What I discuss here is personal to me but the observations will undoubtedly be true for others.


I often find that people are unsure how to interact with a human puppy and I frequently hear ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’. I think the way you interact would largely be down to your personality, your interests and who you are. And this also applies to the pup. There are many variations to a dynamic but in an attempt to simplify and add food for thought, I have provided 3 approaches, all of which I enjoy.

Playful Approach

You don’t need to be dominant to have a puppy; you might just enjoy the interaction with a pup and in this case you would probably enjoy petting, stroking, cuddles and games, much like a real puppy at home. If this is your approach, treat me like a real puppy and I will respond to your interaction. I may not understand everything you say though, ‘sit’ is a universal command and the large majority of dogs can do this. Whereas ‘roll over’ is not an action that the majority of dogs can do, why? Because they haven’t been trained, so train me. I respond very well to treats and positive reinforcement.

Obedience Training

Another dynamic you may wish to establish is that of a serious trainer, one who wants their puppy to be the best, to respond to your commands and do what you tell it to do. You want to see progress for your efforts and be able to impress your friends with how obedient your puppy is. I believe that this should be the same as training a real puppy, it requires consistency when giving commands and not giving mixed signals. If you want your pup to ‘stay’ while you walk away, this is not going to happen on your first attempt. Be patient and use a punishment and reward system. (I say punishment because this is BDSM after all). As the training progresses, so will the dynamic and when done well this can be rewarding for both handler and pup alike.

BDSM Approach

The D/s dynamic of puppy play is much more based around training a slave to be a dog. I have enjoyed this sort of play when it forms part of a consent non consent scene. Due to my inability to be a good slave I am forced to be a dog, I am humiliated by being ordered to display puppy behaviours, made to wag my tail for the amusement of the dominant and I am beaten for displaying human behaviours. There is plenty of interesting things you can do to a slave dog from pegging to confinement, beating to being forced to eat dog food, let your imagination run wild.

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