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Rascal on Puppy Play

What is Puppy Play?

There is no specific definition of what puppy play is, but what I will try to do is provide an insight into what I think puppy play is from my own experiences. Puppy Play is a branch of BDSM, a kink if you will and it typically involved two people, the Handler and the Pup. As this is usually part of the BDSM scene the Handler is often the dominant figure and the puppy is the submissive.

The Handler

You may hear a handler being referred to with other names such as: Mistress, Master, Miss, Sir, etc. The handler is the person who is taking the leading, dominant and of course human role. There are many different types of handlers, some like to train their pup in canine skills, some like to have multiple pups and grow a pack while others just like to look after their pup, cuddle up with them and be a protector.  It can be anything that you want it to be and allow it to continually evolve.


The Pup

The puppy can often be referred to as: boy, girl, beta, omega, pupper etc. Typically, a pup will be submissive, they will look up to their handler for guidance and protection. A pup does not need to have a handler to be a pup though, there are many pups that don’t have a handler but still play and get into their puppy head space.

Head space

The puppy head space in my experience is a wonderful place to be, it is when the pup adopts the role, behaviours and attitudes of their canine friends. It allows the pup to forget about all their worries and completely let go, they will look to their handler for guidance and leadership. If that guidance and attention is not forthcoming, they will likely act up, much like their canine friends and get themselves into trouble.  A pup will often adopt the behaviours and identify as a particular breed, a less submissive pup may identify as a more aggressive breed for example.  

How is puppy play evolving?

The kink is becoming increasingly popular and you only need to look on twitter for evidence of this. The growth seems to be primarily focussed within the LGBT community and you can expect to see all ages, genders, sexualities, shapes and sizes engaging in this kink. For some it is purely sexual, for others it is purely social and for some it is a bit of everything. Fashion seems to be playing and increasing role, some pups like to look good or adopt a unique style, while others like to have the sex appeal. The various styles of puppy hoods are growing and the outfits available to handlers expanding and evolving all of the time.


Useful Links for pup gear

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